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Critics Write

"Hitting His Stride At 70+"

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Public opinion

"Golden Years Gotten"

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Artist review

"The Last Sculpture Dance"

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Representation Proclamation

"Feed the press, or else they'll eat you."
Eat your heart out. 

Offical Press Statement

the body of work you see here, are being professionally represented nonexclusively by an undisclosed international team of art professionals, namelessly putting the focus on the undiscovered artist, rather than the accolades represented by the team.

Boldly Claiming, "The Greatest Art Never Seen", This is a collection of over 200 pieces, spanning 40 years that have gone unrevealed to the public, until now.


While the artists we feature make no claims of greatness themselves, the team behind the artists invite the experts, art enthusiasts, and general public to ponder the conclusion we as art professionals came to when discovering this collection of veiled art, "Perhaps the greatest art, is the art that remains to be seen".


At this time the professional team continues to take submission requests for gallery curation and exhibitions for the 2022, & 2023 season.


All Future exhibits will be revealed to the public in conjunction with scheduled press and official gallery announcements.


To feature this art in your press publication, use our "contact publicist" form and submit your request for an interview or request his portfolio to critique the work.


A publicist will be in contact with you promptly.


We thank you for your consideration.


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